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  • The request of two independent and different factors ensures high security and protection against unauthorized access to sensitive data
  • With its verification, the two-factor authentication is ideal for reducing transaction risks
  • moreify helps banks, online retailers and payment service providers to prevent fraud while staying in touch with their customers
  • Telephone verification through instant password transmission
  • A secure login verification on several portals is possible
  • Guaranteed control of user identities
  • Unobstructed and reliable delivery in a matter of seconds
  • Automatically and randomly generated codes guarantee an easy and safe application
  • Fast, direct and efficient communication
  • User-friendly and easy to use
  • Reliable delivery via web interface or API
  • Individuality and flexibility through personalized sender IDs and time-delayed sending
  • Sending messages is possible on the move, wherever internet is available (usage is not tied to one place)

With moreify, you can instantly notify users, be it in regards to a special offer or a change in your privacy policy; you can send out password reminders, have fans sign up for newsletters or have customers confirm purchases or other actions on your website through PIN validation. The possibilities are endless, contact us now in order to receive a quote tailored to your specific needs!

Your Moreify Benefits

Fair prices, no registration fee, no minimum term

Reliable and fast SMS-sending worldwide through cooperations with international network providers

Highest security for sensitive data

Protection against unwanted use by third parties

Efficient and transparent working processes - moreify provides clear statistics

Highest quality with a renowned partner at your side


sent mobile messages until 2017


of EU households use a mobile connection


mobile users until 2020


mobile connections in North- and Latin America


mobile connections in Europe


mobile connections worldwide

What our customers say

customer feedback

"The entire notification service of BikerSOS was greatly simplified and automated by moreify. This enabled to enormously reduce our development costs."

Christian Indra, CEO & Co-founder


customer feedback

"We send via SMS digital voucher-codes, for the Internet currency Bitcoin. The easy integration and high delivery quality convinced us to work with moreify."

Dolf Diederichsen, CEO


customer feedback

"Via moreify, online payments get verified instantly. The user can start immediately playing the game and we have the guaranty and security, that the transaction was carried out by the right person."

Elizabeth Johnson, Director Marketing & Business Development


customer feedback

"We use moreify for 2-factor authentication to secure our team chat against account theft. moreify works perfectly, offers fast support and enables to understand user behavior by statistics."

Felix Häusler, CEO & co-founder