July 27th 2015

The safe two-factor authentication and one-time password guarantee the protection of sensitive data in the web. Premium Bulk SMS ensures simple and fast contact to the recipient.

Vienna, July 27th 2015 - This summer welcomes a new SMS communication tool: Moreify, a product of Ixolit, makes online purchases safe and carefree and also enables to invite customers to an exclusive summer sale. Through the enormous use of mobile telephones - globaly 7.085 billion people have a mobile connection and messages sent throughout the world will have doubled to 28.2 billion by 2017 - there is hardly any communication medium that has such an enormous range and provides such a secure and direct contact, to the right recipient.
Pemium SMS Bulk Mailing enables the scheduling of campaigns and notifications at the right time and the right day of the week, very easily – just press a button and send messages at your desired time, also on the go. Moreify offers two very simple - but very effective - ways to deliver messages directly onto the portable screen of the receiver. On the one hand, simply log on moreify.com via the web interface and upload the address book, compose the message and by clicking one button the message is sent to the recipient list. By working together with various international network providers, high-quality, ultra-fast and reliable worldwide delivery is guaranteed. This kind of communication works, on the other hand, via a specially developed API, an interface that integrates Moreify into the existing business system of a company in order to send messages quickly and easily.
Two-Factor Authentication guarantees the protection of transferring sensitive data via the Internet safely - a very important tool nowadays. The double request and therefore double mandatory verification, ensures that usage is not possible by unauthorized third parties. This authentication by PIN codes can be done via SMS or voice call and is consequently suitable for customers with fixed lines. Moreify guarantees safe online payments and transactions.
One-Time Password is another feature that Moreify provides. The delivery of one-time passwords will be enabled. More and more websites and services require a mobile number to which a password is sent to ensure user identities via phone verification. By an easy and fast delivery of randomly generated one-time passwords, the user can proceed after only one step. Thus, a fast validation is possible.

Whether for verifying payment methods on online portals, signing up for a service or sending SMS advertising and notifications, Moreify guarantees a reliable SMS messaging service.

About Ixolit GmbH

Moreify is a service provided by Ixolit GmbH, the only full service provider in the high-end IT market in Austria that addresses its client’s needs quickly, successfully and efficiently. For more than 14 years, the company has been inexhaustibly and on the highest professional level focused on recognizing their customer’s needs, even before they do, and to increase their efficiency with innovative ideas.
Operating and developing know-how are important center points in the expertise Ixolit offers. The technology department, with an emphasis on managed hosting and individual software development, is the cornerstone of the company’s success. With a highly experienced team of experts and customers usually having websites with, up to several million unique visitors per month, finding optimizations for the customer is always in focus - whether it is by combining individual services from the Ixolit portfolio with external services, or by offering an all-in package, Ixolit is always ready to respond to the individual needs of each client and find the optimal solution.

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