Two-factor authentication SMS

More security through a PIN code via SMS

To complete the registration, the user needs two independent and distinct components (factors) - the correct password and a mobile phone for final verification.
Step 1: The user enters his or her correct information (Username / password).
Step 2: If this data is correct, the user will receive an one-time code (Mobile PIN) via SMS to the mobile phone number that is on file for him or her.
In order to complete the registration process, the Mobile PIN must then be entered in an input field.
Many renowned companies use this secure authentication method for their registration processes. This has been regarded as the best safety practice by banks in the online banking sector for some time now. Using the moreify API makes a fast integration of this security solution possible while messages are sent under certain conditions to the customer. A „state of the art“ solution can be offered to your users to protect their sensitive data and therefore prevent abuse.

Two-factor authentication VOICE

More security through a PIN code via voice call

In addition and as an alternative to the two-factor authentication via SMS, moreify offers the method of using a voice call. Thus, moreify makes it possible to use the system for customers that have only access to a landline.
Both models offer simple usage and easy implementation into your application through the moreify API. This provides efficient and easy data security and prohibits access to sensitive data for unauthorized persons.


Phone verification by sending an one-time password

For sending an one-time password, no account is required on the website where the own data has previously been stored.
The mobile number is entered directly in the web interface and a SMS with an one-time password will be sent immediately. This phone verification assures that a „real person“ requested the password. One-time passwords offer a fast and easy procedure for the user, and verification and security for you.

Your Benefits: Two-factor authentication & One-Time Password

  • A variety of uses:
    • Online payments (eg: verification of payment methods for online purchases)
    • Safe handling of banking and insurance transactions
    • Registration verification on various portals
    • Securing and verification of user identities
    • Internal safety regulations in companies
  • Benefits:
    • Highest security for sensitive data
    • Reliable and fast sending of messages - worldwide
    • Protection against unwanted use by third parties
    • Time saving and flexibility for the end-user
    • Low costs- you only pay for what you actually use; no registration fee
    • Highest quality with a renowned and experienced partner on your side



Reliable and fast SMS delivery via web interface.

With moreify, bulk sending of short messages is possible in just a few moments. Simply register online and import your contact list using a CSV file (simple instructions regarding the conversion of spreadsheet data files such as Excel files to CSV files can be found here). Messages can be sent around the world simply by using the web interface on Through a user-friendly and simple web interface, you can upload contact lists easily, and send your messages immediately or time-delayed with your personalized user sender. With just a few clicks, your recipients will be reached personally and directly within seconds. Thus, you use a reliable and secure sending-tool due to the highest SMS quality standards. A real-time evaluation of the rate of reached recipients is offered through statistics.

Your Premium SMS mass mailing in just a few steps. The simple web interface enables you to send out quickly and without fuzz.

Premium Bulk SMS - API

Reliable and fast SMS delivery via API.

Of course you can also use our versatile API for marketing campaigns or important client information. All bulk mailings can also be sent from your own software solution, since our server architecture is specifically designed for such applications. Just send us your messages via the HTTP or HTTPS protocol and we deliver them for you. The SMS gateway also allows you to rely on the programs that you are already familiar with. And of course the classic single messages or BulkSMS can be delivered worldwide. A quick and easy integration of our API into your existing business solution ensures the reliable sending of messages.

Your benefits: PREMIUM BULK SMS

  • A variety of uses:
    • Marketing campaigns (Promotion, sale,…)
    • Notification-SMS (Appointments, birthdays,…)
    • Information services
    • SMS-Newsletters
    • Competitions
  • Benefits:
    • Fair prices, no registration fee, no minimum term
    • Reach your target group immediately and directly, no matter where and when - worldwide
    • Prompt and reliable delivery is guaranteed by excellent connections to global network providers
    • High flexibility due to time-delayed delivery of messages
    • Personalized messages with your personal sender ID
    • Efficient and transparent – moreify provides clear statistics
    • Sending messages is possible while on the move
    • Highest quality with a renowned and experienced partner at your side