One-Time Password Authentication

Send One-time passwords per SMS for secure user verification

Two-factor Authentication

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One Time Password

The moreify One-Time Password (OTP) solution enables secure, simple and efficient user authentication per SMS on a global scale.

A One-Time password is a temporarily generated unique password which enables only authenticated users to gain access to critical data or secured systems. Moreify makes it possible to send passwords via SMS to your users. This allows them to identify themselves quickly, simply and ensures that a real person requested a password, because phone numbers are always assigned to only one person.

The moreify API provides a secure, prompt and easy integration solution for developers in the most common web programming languages such as PHP, Perl, Java, Ruby, Python and Nagios.

Step 1

The cell number of the user will be entered in the web interface.

Step 2

The user immediately receives a SMS with a one-time password on his mobile device.

Step 3

The user has to enter and validate his transmitted unique password into an input field on the system he wants to access.

Using this strong authentication solution is a highly effective and secure instrument to prevent data theft and enables users to authenticate themselves very easily.

A variety of uses

  • Online Payments (eg: verification of payment methods for online purchases)
  • Safe handling of banking and insurance transactions
  • Registration verification on various portals
  • Securing and verification of user identities
  • Internal safety regulations in companies


  • Highest security for sensitive data
  • Reliable and fast sending of messages - worldwide
  • Protection against unwanted use by third parties
  • Time saving and flexibility for the end-user
  • Low costs - you only pay for what you actually use; no registration fee
  • Highest quality with a renowned and experienced partner on your side