SMS Verification

Higher security for your business by sending verification pin codes via SMS.

Two-factor Authentication

Professional API integration and scalable solutions for developers.


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Two-factor Authentication SMS

moreify (2FA) two-factor authentication solution provides additional security for your business processes.

It has never been simpler and faster to verify the identity of users at registration on a global scale. In no time you can send a pin code to your users per SMS to give them easy access into secured systems. The moreify API provides a secure, prompt and easy integration for developers in the most common web programming languages such as PHP, Perl, Java, Ruby, Python and Nagios.

Step 1

The user communicates his data and phone number.

Step 2

If the given data is correct, a one-time code (mobile PIN) will be immediately sent per SMS to the registered mobile phone number.

Step 3

In order to complete the registration process and confirm his identity, the user must enter the PIN code in an input field.

Therefore, using two-factor authentication is a highly effective instrument to improve security and avoid unwanted issues like data and identity theft. Many industries today rely on this proven authentication method, particularly banks and financial institutions where online transactions often involve of sensitive data where safety and security need to be guaranteed. Even companies like WhatsApp and Apple rely on two-factor authentication.

A variety of uses

  • Online Payments (eg: verification of payment methods for online purchases)
  • Safe handling of banking and insurance transactions
  • Registration verification on various portals
  • Securing and verification of user identities
  • Internal safety regulations in companies


  • Highest security for sensitive data
  • Reliable and fast sending of messages - worldwide
  • Protection against unwanted use by third parties
  • Time saving and flexibility for the end-user
  • Low costs - you only pay for what you actually use; no registration fee
  • Highest quality with a renowned and experienced partner on your side