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1. General registration and billing questions

What costs are connected with a subscription?

There is no registration or monthly fee. Upload your balance electronically and pay only for what you actually consume.

How can I buy credit?

Safe and fast charging is possible directly on Simply transfer your balance via PayPal or online bank transfer and immediately start with the delivery of your messages.

How long is the validity period for an application?

There is no minimum term. As long your account is charged, you can use it any time.

Does the pricing of messages change if one message contains more that 160 characters?

Invoicing is carried out per delivered standard message. After each 160-th character we will charge another message.

2. Questions regarding products and product applications

Is a personalized sender ID possible?

Yes, with a few exceptions, you can create a personalized alphanumeric sender, for example, with your company name.

How many characters can the personalized sender ID contain?

The personalized sender can consist of up to 11 alphanumeric characters.

Is it possible to respond to received messages?

At the moment it is not possible to respond to messages. If you need this functionality, please contact our support team here.

Can I also use a numerical sender ID?

In some countries e.g. in the USA, Canada and Pakistan a local virtual number must be used as a sender ID. All other countries can choose an alphanumeric code.

Is it possible to track messages that have been sent?

moreify allows you to check the status of your sent messages in real-time and automatically. You can track the status of your sent text messages in the project list below the rightmost button "Message history". Under "message queue“ you get an overview of the status of your messages: "sent", "classified", "failed".

Is it possible to send time-delayed messages?

Yes, simply, select a time and date and your message will be sent reliably at your desired time.

Is it possible to send PINS or other sensitive codes?

moreify makes it possible to quickly and reliably send messages which contain sensitive PINs via SMS or voice message to the right person through the function of two-factor authentication.

In which languages is it possible to send two-factor authentication VOICE messages?

The two-factor authentication is available in the following languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Hungarian and Dutch. If you need a different language, please contact us here.

Which countries does moreify support?

Through our excellent relationships with international providers it is possible to send SMS worldwide. You will find your country in our pricing list.

How many messages can be sent simultaneously?

The number of messages is not limited. You can send as many messages as you want.

How fast will the messages be delivered?

Messages will be sent immediately. The date of receipt is depending on the network provider and where in the world the recipient is located at this moment. In general, 5 messages will be sent per second.

How many characters does a standard message contain?

A standard message consists of 160 characters.

Why are text messages blocked when they contain URLs?

Sending text messages which contain URLs is of course possible, but blocked until our support has successfully evaluated the reasons why you would like to do so. Please answer the questions on your profile page. Our support is going to make the decision asap.
Thank you for your understanding!

3. General technical questions

How does importing contact lists work?

In the register "Address Book" you can create a group and upload your CSV file containing you contacts.

What is a CSV file? How can I get my contacts imported from my spreadsheet file (Excel, LibreOffice, etc.) into a CSV file?

CSV is a common file format that is supported by most text file systems. To learn how easily you can create a CSV file, click here.

What programming languages does moreify provide for the integration of the API?

In principle you can use almost all programming languages. For example: PHP, Pearl, Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby

How do I integrate and build a two-factor authentication SMS or voice API?

The construction and integration of the respective API into your existing system differs in each individual company. If you have any questions, please contact us here.

Is a configuration of moreify in Nagios possible?

Yes, the configuration of Nagios with moreify is possible. You will receive a message if the server of your monitoring system has problems. These alert messages will be sent immediately via SMS to the responsible person.